Euro Tiger 6S

Fast self-propelled sugar beet harvesting systems. (Euro Tiger 6 also available)

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Euro Tiger 5

Previous version of the Tiger.

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Euro Tiger 5 XL

Also available with an 8 or 9 row lifting unit.

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Loading / Cleaning

Euro Maus 6

Efficient beet moving and loading.

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Euro Maus 5

Now available in extra wide.

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Euro Bunker Maus

The feeding of the Euro Bunker Maus occurs via a separate machine like an excavator or wheel loader.

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Moving / Transporting

Euro Nawaro Maus

With the Euro Nawaro Maus efficiency in the logistics chains of biomass plants can be significantly increased.

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Big Bear Beet Cart

Made by Ropa North America, capable of moving 34+ tons and unloading it in 90 seconds.

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Planting / Seeding

Accord Monopill SE

Precise beet, rape and chicory seed placement and singulation.

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Used Products
Quality Engineering that lasts.

2010 Euro Maus

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North America

  • Planting/Seeding
  • Harvesting
  • Loading/Cleaning
  • Moving/Transporting
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