Big Bear (Beet Cart)
Made by ROPA North America

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Big Bear
Made by ROPA North America

Large capacity. 34 and 40 ton models. Fast unloading – approx. 34 tons in 90 seconds.

Each conveyor independently controlled from tractor All conveyors driven hydraulically Excellent flotation provided by track system Robust construction– very low maintenance Choice of left side or right side unloading

Quick & Efficient

Load trucks, or make perfect piles for reloading with the Maus.

Drive beside, instead of tracking in front of the pile.

  • Good visibility from the cab for unloading
  • Cleaning action by the scrub roller and unload conveyor
  • Center unloading maintains a balanced load Hydraulic lift loading tall trucks

Proven unloading system: all sprockets, chains, shafts, hydraulic motors, and unload conveyor are sourced from ROPA and performance proven on the Tiger. Conveyor folds into bunker for road travel.

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North America
  • Planting/Seeding
  • Harvesting
  • Loading/Cleaning
  • Moving/Transporting

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